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Extending Blend for Visual Studio

To get a tutorial on how to implement a custom extension for Blend, please visit my Blog at:


All you have to do is to copy the AdvancedResourceTab.Extension.dll into the extension folder of Blend. Typically this is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio 11.0\Blend\Extensions".


Now, if you start Blend, by default the resource dictionaries in the resource tab are in an alphabetically order (ascending).

But if you want more control over the default resource tab, you have to activate the Advanced Resource Tab window:

After activating the Advanced Resource Tab window, you can move / dock it in Blend. Make sure to dock it on top of the existing resource tab, so you can see both at a time. Before dropping it, a white layer is visible to indicate that it's going on top of the tabs:

Now you have full control over the resource tab in Blend. Just change the ordering or type in a resource dictionary name to get live result filtering in the resource tab.

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